• Directions to Wedding

    The best/easiest/safest way to get to the wedding is to plug the address "10905 Old Cutler Road" into google maps, Uber, etc. This address will take you to the South Entrance of Fairchild Botanical Garden. The south entrance is reserved for staff and special events (that's us!). If you go to the Main Entrance for the gardens you will have a longer walk to get to the venue and you will not be able to leave the way you came because the main gate locks at 5PM! 

    Hopefully the images attached below will help you navigate to the South Parking lot (10905 Old Cutler Road)


    The image below shows what the south entrance will look like as you drive towards it

    First you will pass by the Main Entrance. The image below shows the Main Entrance. Drive past the Main Entrance to get to the South Entrance!!

    You should see the gate pictured below when you turn at 10905 Old Cutler Road. Congratulations and Welcome!

Our Wedding Day!